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I want your session to be personalized to you. Once you've booked your date, we can discuss the specifics but here are a few ideas to steer me in the right direction. Rest assured I will tell you how to pose and where to stand and what to do with your hands! I want you to look your best without looking too posey!
Country feel, rough , textured or antiqued wood. Open fields, rural farmland, Vintage cars/trucks, old train tracks etc..
City feel, brick, glass buildings, graffiti walls, texture walls, alleyways, old buildings etc..
Natural feel, flowers, trees, rocks, water, waterfalls, greenery, gardens, stone, mountains...or even in your home
Chandeliers,elaborate wallpapers, crushed velvet or elegant fabric chairs/couches, big windows etc..
Beach feel, sand, water, boats, etc..
In studio or I can bring my studio to you! if you're looking for more of the studio setting or have a newborn or baby. We can even arrange for a custom backdrop if you're looking for something specific.