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The shoot

What to wear:

Here are some of my suggestions as to what will look good in your pictures. Bright vibrant colors and jewel tones look great. Layers & textures add depth to a photo so... under shirts, scarves, belts, hats, leggins, boots, ruffles, lace, fur etc... Accessorize, jewelry & accesories can make an outfit! The little details really make the pictures stand out! And your personal items make the photo all about you and your style and personaliy. Mixed with my photography style of coarse! For family shoots I suggest not getting too matchy. Try staying in the same color family using different shades of the color. Have one person wear a fun print or pattern with a lot of color to make it more dimentional and then base everyone elses outfit off that person. I would steer clear from wearing all one color or too much black. If everyone is wearing black it can be hard to tell where one person ends and the othere begins, looking like a big blob of floating heads. Also look out for big logos or words on clothing, they tend to be distracting


Engagement/couple shoot:

Do you have a place that has a special meaning to the two of you or do you have something that you enjoy doing together? For engagements, we want your pictures to "fit in" at your wedding and on your invitations. Does your wedding have a theme, a color scheme..these things should come into play when planning the location and setting of your shoot.



The point of your bridal pictures is to showcase beautiful you and your beautiful dress. So why not really bring out your personal style and personality in the photos! Bring along any accessories, shoes, hats, jewelry etc.. I also love to incorporate the groom! After all he is your favorite accesory, right ladies?



There is something so beautiful about an expectant mother! It is one of the most exciting times in your life. You will want to remember the way you feel in this happy time in your life! Have you chosen a name or know the sex of the baby? Have you bought a special item for them? We can find creative ways to include that in the pictures and if you've set up the nursery it can be a great setting for maternity photos! Including Daddy is important too, we don't want him to feel left out.



Babies are so much fun to photograph. But it is definitely time consuming and takes a lot of patince on everyone's part; photographer, parents and baby! Newborns are best to shoot in the first 10 days of life when they're still super sleepy and eay to mold. If I'm not coming to set up in your home, make sure you bring lots of diapers, wipes, a bottle and Mommy's milk or formula, extra blankies, a black shirt for mom and dad. And don't forget your personal items, newborns are so easy to get creative with. I have some props..baskets and such to choose from but it's fun to see them in your own items. And especially special items of Mom or Dad's like their cowboy hat, tool bags, Motorcycle helmet, High heels etc... Whatever you want, the possibilites are endless.



Babies are most fun to shoot from 4 months to a year old! Bring Babies favorite toys/items, wipes diapers, bottle,Mommy milk or formula, extra blankets and it's always a good idea to bring an extra helper, especially one that is good at making baby laugh.

On location shoots are fun as well as in a studio setting. Bring their cutest outfits and any props you'd like to use. We can chat about your ideas and I can bring anything I have that fits in with what you want. Cake smashing shoots are a lot of fun for your little one year old! Just make sure you're prepared to get messy...and clean up after.



Children are so full of energy and zest which is so much fun, but it can get frustrting when you want them to sit still and behave for pictures. I do my best to get the "posed" shoots out of the way when we first get started so that they can let loose after and I can capture them just being them! Back to school shoots are some of my favorite! You've spent all your hard earned money on their clothes, why not have a photo shoot to show them off! It's fun to bring their favorite items and let them choose an outfit to really show off their personality. Plus they'll be more open to getting their picture taken if they're comfortable and have their favorite things with them. They might even want to show them off!


Seniors or portraits:

Bring a few different outfits, casual, dressy and then maybe a school related outfit for those seniors! We really want to showcase the past three years and what you've been doing in school! Are you in a group or play a sport? Bring some things that really tie in to who you are right now!



These shoots can be quite an adventure! Come prepared with snacks that you can bribe your kids with!! But rember they can't have them until we're all done and they've been good and smiled the whole time! Hey sometimes it works.. :)

I do get a few "Posed" shots of the family but I also like to get the real life shots too, kids cry and pick their noses, it's fun to have those photos to look back on, and embarass them with later on!