A Destination Birth Story / Las Angeles CA

Births are unpredictable and even when you’ve scheduled an induction, nothing can really be planned. So when Ivy first contacted me about shooting hers out of town, I wasn’t certain how things would go. I had only done one other destination birth story, and things were cut close as he arrived just before I had to leave to catch my already re-scheduled flight home. But I had a really good feeling about it, and as always was very clear that there was a chance that I might not make it in time, and all the variables involved. I was so honored that she still wanted to go for it!

Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film001.jpg
Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film002.jpg
Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film003.jpg
Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film004.jpg
Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film006.jpg
Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film007.jpg

She got her induction date and I schedule my flight and hotel, only to have her call me early the next morning to tell me that she had gone into labor early. Luckily I was able to cancel those reservations, but had to hunt for the next available flight that would hopefully get me there on time! I threw some things into my bag and took off for the airport. Upon landing I took my phone off airplane mode and received a message from Ivy saying that she was already at 8 centimeters. I had no idea when she sent that , so I was extra nervous about missing it.

Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film009.jpg
Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film010.jpg
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Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film013.jpg
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Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film017.jpg
Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film018.jpg
Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film019.jpg

Luckily I made it just in time! Sweet little Sione made his appearance not too long after I got there. It was such a beautiful delivery, and I’m so thankful I was able to be there to capture it all. It was an eventful, exciting morning. There isn’t anything else quite like witnessing the beginning of a new life!

Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film021.jpg
Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film023.jpg
Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film020.jpg
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Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film024.jpg
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Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film025.jpg
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Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film028.jpg
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Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film030.jpg

Getting to be in the presence of so much love and emotion, just can’t be described. I am so blessed to get to do this! I love that my being there frees up Dad to be completely present with mom throughout the whole experience. And eases Mom’s concerns about getting good photos of baby! Birthing situations can be challenging, with wonky lighting situations an crowded rooms. It’s reassuring to have someone there with the skills and equipment to ensure it’s all beautifully documented!

Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film040.jpg
Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film032.jpg
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Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film033.jpg
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Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film044.jpg
Desitantion Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film038.jpg

Don’t just hire someone to take photos or capture some video of this momentous day in your lives! Hire someone who has the experience to shoot in these types of situations and someone who knows how to perform in this vulnerable space. Thank yo so much to all my clients who trust in me to be that person!

A Summer Night Session

I spend many summer nights in these beautiful mountains! I love watching that golden light paint the hilltops as it fades in the distance. They were lusciously adorn with tall green grass and sprinkles of wildflowers all around, making for an extra magical scene. This was my first session with Katie and Steven, sweet little Nolan was only six months old. These two love birds actually got married not far from this spot, dropped off by helicopter, like a scene straight out of The Bachelor.

shailynn photo and film026.jpg
shailynn photo and film002.jpg
shailynn photo and film006.jpg

They brought their sweet little Frenchie along for a few photos, and I’m so glad they did! He was so adorable! I just love it when people include their pets in their photos…and I just love dogs in general! I love that this location is a bit secluded, with a little stream and also has such great views, it has a little bit of everything you look for in a mountain setting, and is really just off the side of the road!

shailynn photo and film025.jpg
shailynn photo and film001.jpg
shailynn photo and film003.jpg
shailynn photo and film004.jpg
shailynn photo and film005.jpg

I loved the colors they went with, orange and blue is one of my favorite combinations. I’ve actually used that color combo in my own family photos a few times. I love the flow of Katie’s dress and that the boys matched with their blue button downs. Sweet Nolan was so good throughout the whole session which was nice, especially since we shoot so late on summer nights to get that glowing light!

shailynn photo and film007.jpg
shailynn photo and film008.jpg
shailynn photo and film009.jpg
shailynn photo and film010.jpg
shailynn photo and film011.jpg
shailynn photo and film012.jpg
shailynn photo and film013.jpg
shailynn photo and film014.jpg
shailynn photo and film016.jpg

He was doing so well that we decide to head to a different spot to get some variety before calling it a wrap. Our next spot was a bit of a climb, but so worth it! I mean, just look at those views. I’m so glad they were up for a little adventure. Usually once I get started i could shoot until we run out of light! I guess that’s what happens when you’re passionate about what you do.

shailynn photo and film024.jpg
shailynn photo and film017.jpg
shailynn photo and film018.jpg
shailynn photo and film019.jpg
shailynn photo and film021.jpg
shailynn photo and film022.jpg
shailynn photo and film020.jpg
shailynn photo and film023.jpg

I’m so happy to have met these beautiful people and to be included in some sweet moments with them! I’m grateful to have a career that allows me to meet new people that become friends, and to get to share in some of the most important days of their lives, and even some of the not so extraordinary days. Ones like these where we just get to chill together and create beautiful images! Thank you

shailynn photo and film027.jpg

Book your session with me here, I would love to meet you and collaborate!

An Epic Elopement { Moab, UT }

If you’ve been following my work for a while, you probably remember that I shoot video for a few elopements every year with Pop Up I Do. This time we headed south for some red rock, and epic views for these vows! Terry + Gabby are both pilots, their boss headed to Moab for the Jeep Safari and they decided it would be a beautiful place to hitched.

Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film27.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film28.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film30.jpg

They were right! The morning before the ceremony, Marisa, Kayla (Kayla Bertagnolli Photography) & I drove up to scout the spot and to be sure of what time the sun would peak over the cliffs. It was absolutely magical and we were all stoked about how pretty everything was going to be! The next day we met up with the bride and groom around 5am. it was still very dark and you could see Gabby doing her makeup in the light from the vizor mirror in their jeep.

Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film33.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film35.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film37.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film34.jpg

She had always wanted to stay at Under Canvas, and thought it would be a perfect time for their special occasion. Apparently though, their tent didn’t have any mirrors , or electricity ! (I mean, it is a tent….even if it is a luxury one) So she had to do all of her primping in the car, even curling her hair. But when she emerged , she looked absolutely stunning!

Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film39.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film40.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film41.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film42.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film43.jpg

It was a very windy morning and a bit overcast, which didn’t give off the same golden affect as the previous morning. But still breathtakingly beautiful! Terry isn’t at all afraid of heights and kept freaking everyone out with his desire to be right on the edge. Well everyone except Gabby, I think she’s used to it.

Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film45.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film48.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film50.jpg

It was such a pleasure getting to capture this quiet and beautiful wedding and to meet these amazing people!
I don’t normally take too many photos when I’m hired for a film, but this was such an awesome location I couldn’t not sneak a few in! This was my very first visit to Moab, and I had such a great time taking in all of it’s magnificence!

Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film51.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film52.jpg

Best wishes to this happy couple! To book your wedding, elopement or whatever else you’d like to shoot, you can chat with me here. I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Rowan's Birth Story

A birth is the most magical event, and I always feel so honored to get to be in attendance! Every one is so unique and special. I actually met Misty at a birth story that I shot for her sister, and was excited to now be capturing hers. Rowan is their 3rd boy and rainbow baby. We were all looking forward to seeing how his brothers would react to meeting their new brother

Birth Story /ShaiLynn Photo + FIlm
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film03.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film02.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film01.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film04.jpg

The tone of the room was very relaxed as we waited patiently for things to progress. There was some discussion of what he would look like and how much he would weigh. Guesses were made of his hair color and it was fun to see Misty’s reaction when she ended up being right. He had a little bit of red fuzz peeking through all that vernix.

Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film05.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film06.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film07.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film08.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film09.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film10.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film11.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film12.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film13.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film14.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film15.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film16.jpg

Of coarse he was absolutely adorable and his mommas love was oozing all over him as she snuggled him for the first time. I would agree that it’s a magnificent feeling to look at your sweet baby and memorize all their tiny features, staring at them all day and adoring the funny and lovable faces they make. It’s definitely a love drunk phase and I suggest soaking it up as much as possible!

Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film18.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film20.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film22.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film23.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film24.jpg
birth story
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film26.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film27.jpg

When it came time for the boys to meet him, they were a bit timid. Little Bryce looked on him lovingly, but was definitely nervous. I think he even said aloud that her was “terrified” haha. And Grayson was not so sure about him at all, he kept shooting him the stink eye. It was so funny, and cute at the same time! You just never know how kids are going to react. But it’s always fun to witness!

Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film29.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film30.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film31.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film32.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film33.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film35.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film36.jpg
Birth Story: ShaiLynn photo + Film37.jpg

A big thanks to this cute family for allowing me to be part of their big day and capture these memories for them! I love it so much and get to always keep my newborn fever at bay when i get to shoot a birth for someone else, I think I’d just keep popping out kids otherwise haha!! (So my husband also thanks you ;) )
For more info on birth stories or to book yours, please click here.

An Anniversary Session / Antelope Island UT

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film76.jpg

Linzee is an extremely beautiful and talented photographer. We attended a newborn photography seminar together a while back and got to shoot a birth with her last year. I love building relationships with other creatives and supporting and celebrating each other’s successes! When she asked me about doing an anniversary session with her hubby for their 10 year anniversary I was so excited!! Most couples don’t get their photos taken together after their wedding day, and I thought it was such a great idea. Every couple deserves a good cuddle sesh in front of the camera to document their love!

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film73.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film74.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film72.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film71.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film78.jpg

She started our session by wishing me luck, as both she and Steven were “not photogenic at all!” But I wasn’t the least bit worried… I mean just look at them! I will give her credit that I may have culled a few more blinkers than usual, haha. I don’t make it out to Antelope Island very often and when we got there it was still pretty bright, so we scouted out a good spot where we could get some creamy light peeking out from behind the rocks. Hundreds of little gnats fluttered all around us as we made our way through the lush green grass. The birds were flying overhead, singing the prettiest melodies. It was unreal how beautiful everything was. There was really no way we could screw this up haha!

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film80.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film
Anniversary session

I’m in love with the dress she chose, it really popped against the rich colors of the landscape. I also love that they brought an outfit change, to create a more casual, fun look and add variety to the images.
As the sun began setting, the more flying creatures appeared. But we were having so much fun, and it was seriously magical in every direction that we just kept shooting!

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film82.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film83.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film85.jpg

We watched in awe as the golden light painted the countryside, and tinted the clouds with a pink and purple hues. Linz and Steven were so damn cute together, it was no secret that they are clearly still in love even 10 years after their honeymoon! Steven was so attentive and sweet with Linzee and you could tell how much she appreciates him.

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film89.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film90.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film92.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film93.jpg

I haven’t had many couples sessions lately since i’ve been focusing on families and births, but it was really refreshing. I think I want to do more! So if you’re thinking about booking a couple session, the answer is YES you should, and you can book with me here!

Our Easter Traditions

We celebrate Easter with the usual traditions, starting with dying eggs. This is one of our very favorite things to do! The kids are all very creative. Paisley absolutely loves crafts, so she really looks forward to decorating them. Brooks has that perfectionist gene and when it didn’t turn out exactly the way he envisioned it he kind of lost interest haha, andI think Easton and Collins just enjoy the mess. We thought it would be a good idea to try out the faux eggs from Walmart to save on time and to keep collins from breaking them all. But they were not the best for coloring. they held the paint and the dye that was in the package that it came with, but just wasn’t the same experience as dying real eggs. They just floated on top of the water, which hindered a lot of the kids creativity. At least we know now to go with the real thing, also we didn’t get to do deviled eggs with them either.

On Easter morning the kids woke up to their baskets, each one filled with some eggs stuffed with treats, some goodies and he always leaves pair of shoes and usually an outfit for each of the kiddos. We love it when he brings those little cartons of gum, and painting our lips with the wopper eggs. It was raining pretty hard all night and into the morning so the kids found some eggs that were hidden around the house. Then ended up having an egg fight with their Dad in the living room, making a giant candy + plastic egg mess, but they had a blast. They all looked adorable in their pastel pajamas that I found on Amazon, they fit so cute and were super soft and comfy!

After their candy breakfast we got into our Easter best to head over to Grandma Shell’s. If you grew up with cousins, then you know that Grandma’s house on the Holidays are the best! These kids have so much fun together. By the time we had eaten the sun came out and was perfect for the rest of the festivities. They raced to find all the eggs hidden all over the pasture. The babies got a bit of a head start, but that didn’t stop the older kids from making away with a ton of goodies! Then we tie dyed some shirts for the MS walk we’re doing next weekend. We spent the rest of the night relaxing, and eating candy. It was an absolutely perfect day. What are your Easter traditions?

Easter Traditions: ShaiLynn photo + Film43.jpg