An Anniversary Session / Antelope Island UT

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film76.jpg

Linzee is an extremely beautiful and talented photographer. We attended a newborn photography seminar together a while back and got to shoot a birth with her last year. I love building relationships with other creatives and supporting and celebrating each other’s successes! When she asked me about doing an anniversary session with her hubby for their 10 year anniversary I was so excited!! Most couples don’t get their photos taken together after their wedding day, and I thought it was such a great idea. Every couple deserves a good cuddle sesh in front of the camera to document their love!

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film73.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film74.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film72.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film71.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film78.jpg

She started our session by wishing me luck, as both she and Steven were “not photogenic at all!” But I wasn’t the least bit worried… I mean just look at them! I will give her credit that I may have culled a few more blinkers than usual, haha. I don’t make it out to Antelope Island very often and when we got there it was still pretty bright, so we scouted out a good spot where we could get some creamy light peeking out from behind the rocks. Hundreds of little gnats fluttered all around us as we made our way through the lush green grass. The birds were flying overhead, singing the prettiest melodies. It was unreal how beautiful everything was. There was really no way we could screw this up haha!

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film80.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film
Anniversary session

I’m in love with the dress she chose, it really popped against the rich colors of the landscape. I also love that they brought an outfit change, to create a more casual, fun look and add variety to the images.
As the sun began setting, the more flying creatures appeared. But we were having so much fun, and it was seriously magical in every direction that we just kept shooting!

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film82.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film83.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film85.jpg

We watched in awe as the golden light painted the countryside, and tinted the clouds with a pink and purple hues. Linz and Steven were so damn cute together, it was no secret that they are clearly still in love even 10 years after their honeymoon! Steven was so attentive and sweet with Linzee and you could tell how much she appreciates him.

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film89.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film90.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film92.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film93.jpg

I haven’t had many couples sessions lately since i’ve been focusing on families and births, but it was really refreshing. I think I want to do more! So if you’re thinking about booking a couple session, the answer is YES you should, and you can book with me here!

Our Easter Traditions

We celebrate Easter with the usual traditions, starting with dying eggs. This is one of our very favorite things to do! The kids are all very creative. Paisley absolutely loves crafts, so she really looks forward to decorating them. Brooks has that perfectionist gene and when it didn’t turn out exactly the way he envisioned it he kind of lost interest haha, andI think Easton and Collins just enjoy the mess. We thought it would be a good idea to try out the faux eggs from Walmart to save on time and to keep collins from breaking them all. But they were not the best for coloring. they held the paint and the dye that was in the package that it came with, but just wasn’t the same experience as dying real eggs. They just floated on top of the water, which hindered a lot of the kids creativity. At least we know now to go with the real thing, also we didn’t get to do deviled eggs with them either.

On Easter morning the kids woke up to their baskets, each one filled with some eggs stuffed with treats, some goodies and he always leaves pair of shoes and usually an outfit for each of the kiddos. We love it when he brings those little cartons of gum, and painting our lips with the wopper eggs. It was raining pretty hard all night and into the morning so the kids found some eggs that were hidden around the house. Then ended up having an egg fight with their Dad in the living room, making a giant candy + plastic egg mess, but they had a blast. They all looked adorable in their pastel pajamas that I found on Amazon, they fit so cute and were super soft and comfy!

After their candy breakfast we got into our Easter best to head over to Grandma Shell’s. If you grew up with cousins, then you know that Grandma’s house on the Holidays are the best! These kids have so much fun together. By the time we had eaten the sun came out and was perfect for the rest of the festivities. They raced to find all the eggs hidden all over the pasture. The babies got a bit of a head start, but that didn’t stop the older kids from making away with a ton of goodies! Then we tie dyed some shirts for the MS walk we’re doing next weekend. We spent the rest of the night relaxing, and eating candy. It was an absolutely perfect day. What are your Easter traditions?

Easter Traditions: ShaiLynn photo + Film43.jpg

Easter Pics With the Chicks

Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film01.jpg

What can I say, I’m a sucker for babies! These chicks are the sweetest things, and all the kiddos were so good with them. Some of the little ones weren’t too sure about touching them, but nonetheless they were fascinated by the bitty fuzzy creatures! Back to back 15 minute sessions, cleaning up and chasing after tiny beings for 4 hours straight is super exhausting, but totally worth it! I mean just look at those cute faces.

Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film02.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film03.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film06.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film05.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film04.jpg

But that’s why I don’t do sessions like these very often! Usually only for Easter & Halloween (another one of my faves, to see everyone’s costumes!) Not very many studios allow animals, but I was able to rent my talented friend’s space The Studio 1918 . It’s such a beautiful place with lots of natural light and she has many great furniture pieces and props, I love shooting here!

Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film07.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film09.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film08.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film11.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film10.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film12.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film14.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film13.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film15.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film19.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film18.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film17.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film20.jpg

We decided that we are keeping the chickies this year, my kids are delighted. I think it will be fun to watch them grow and begin to lay eggs. I’m not a big egg eater, but my kids LOVE them, so that will be nice to have some readily available all the time. Although it might take some getting used to, I’ve heard they taste a bit different. I’m currently looking into plans for a coop, to keep them safe from all of the strays in our neighborhood! But for now they will stay inside where it’s dry, warm and safe

Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film21.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film16.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film22.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film23.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film24.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film25.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film26.jpg

Their names are Princess Lay-a, Henny-Penny, Beaker, Midge & Cleo. They are all really good with being held, and was told that Buff Orpington’s make good pets. We also got an Easter egger, but she is growing a lot quicker than the others and is really quick on her feet! It should be entertaining to watch the kids chase them around the yard when they get bigger.

Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film27.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film28.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film29.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film30.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film31.jpg

Although I’ve had chicks many times, I’ve never actually raised them into chickens before. We usually find loving homes for them, so I guess I’ll be reaching out to some of those peeps (pun intended) to see what to do.

Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film32.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film33.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film35.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film34.jpg

So far the biggest challenge has been all the poop!! And keeping Collins from wanting to snuggle them all day long. I don’t know how many times a day I hear, Mommy I want to hold a chickie please please please please please!

Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film36.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film37.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film43.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film38.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film39.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film40.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film41.jpg

It’s pretty cute to see their personalities coming out as the days pass. Just like real babies do once they get out of that sleepy stage. Unfortunately I won’t be offering any more chick sessions, but there is still time to book some spring minis with the blossoms! You can find more info about them here, or email me at to schedule!

Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film42.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film44.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film45.jpg
Easter Pictures: ShaiLynn photo + Film46.jpg

A Fresh 48 Session /Meeting Baby Grey

I had the pleasure of shooting Aleisha and Tyler’s first look video for their wedding alongside the amazingly talented Jessica Janae. Now I got to capture another first look of sorts when their stunner of a daughter Aria met her new baby brother Grey. It was the absolute sweetest! She was beyond delighted, the look on her face was priceless. In her sweet little voice kept saying to him “ I’m your sister” and telling him stories, it was absolutely darling!

Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film01.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film03.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film02.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film04.jpg

When his tiny hat came off I was amazed by the amount of hair this tiny bad had on his head, it took his daddy quite a bit of time to get it all washed out during his first bath. It was fun to see it get all sudsy, while big sister Aria peered lovingly at him through the nursery window.

Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film05.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film08.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film06.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film09.jpg

Fresh 48 sessions are so precious, and the perfect addition to a birth story. Maybe you chose not to do a birth story or baby came too quickly but you want to preserve baby’s first few days of life. I enjoy shooting them because it gives Mom and Dad a chance to freshen up and settle in with their new babe. It’s also adds the convenience of being able to select a preferable time when lighting conditions would be ideal.

Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film10.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film11.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film13.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film12.jpg

it’s fun to watch how the siblings and other family members react to meeting this new mini person. I love getting all the newborn features, and just capturing all of the emotions that surround such a momentous time. The atmosphere during these sessions is always so tender and filled with sentiment!

Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film16.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film17.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film19.jpg

Another advantage of doing these fresh 48 sessions is the ability to plan ahead. You never know when you’re going to go into labor, but with this type of shoot you have a better handle on how you want things to go and have more control. We can capture baby’s first bath, meeting family members for the first time or simply focus on the connection between mom, dad and their newborn.

Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film20.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film21.jpg
Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film22.jpg

The first few day after having a baby are usually a blur. You’re probably still in a bit of pain and there’s usually a flood of visitors flowing in and out of your room all day. You‘ve waited several months (long ones at that) to meet this little person, and they change so much within those first few weeks, even the first few days and hours they seem to transform right before your eyes! Fresh 48 sessions allow you to put your cell phone down and be present as a family. Also, let’s be honest…cell phone’s just don’t cut it when it comes to these important moments!

Fresh 48: ShaiLynn photo + Film23.jpg

If you are interested in booking a Fresh 48, head over to the Scheduling page or send me an email at Due to the on-call nature of these sessions, I only take a limited number each month, so get on my schedule as soon as you’re ready to book!

A Mountaintop Elopement / Tibble Fork Reservoir

Last week I had the opportunity to capture this gorgeous mountaintop elopement with Pop Up I Do. They created this company to provide intimate, destination style wedding ceremonies that focus on the most important part of getting married… You and your soon to be spouse. Everything else is taken care of. Marisa is an ordained minister and florist, Alysia is their regular photographer and I normally cover their videography needs.

Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film38.jpg
Mountaintop elopement: ShaiLynn photo + Film40.jpg
Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film42.jpg
Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film41.jpg
Mountaintop elopement: ShaiLynn photo + Film43.jpg

Plan your wedding with ease. Imagine the most beautiful and private location, a lovely bouquet/boutonnière, a short and sweet ceremony, a dessert + bubbly setting for a stress free celebration all prepared for you. All you have to do is pick a date and show up ready to say I do. Get married surrounded by some of the most impressive scenery Utah has to offer, and have it documented by a phenomenal visual media team.

Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film44.jpg
Mountaintop Elopement / ShaiLynn Photo + Film
Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film45.jpg
Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film46.jpg
Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film49.jpg

They’re able to set up a humble gathering for your closet friends and family, or cater to you and your significant other alone. Arrange to have a delicate altar set up, or opt for the awe inspiring natural backdrop of the location. If you’re looking to elope, It’s a brilliant way to start your life together!

Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film52.jpg
Mountaintop elopement: ShaiLynn photo + Film53.jpg
Mountiantop elopement: ShaiLynn photo + Film54.jpg
Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film55.jpg
Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film56.jpg
Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film57.jpg

Michael + Andy flew in from out of town, they’d actually never been to Utah before. When they arrived to the scene at Tibble Fork Reservoir they were in a state of amazement. As they breathed in the crisp mountain air amid the tall pines and gazed at the snow capped peaks that could be seen in every direction. It was like something out of a dream.

Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film58.jpg
Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film59.jpg

They exchanged vows, rings and a kiss, then toasted to their new life together and nibbled on some delectable gourmet pastries. Afterwards they drove down the winding scenic road out of the canyon to their dinner reservations. In the morning they began their honeymoon, taking in the sights of Capitol Reef. Congrats and best wishes to them and a huge thanks for letting us share in their elopement atop the mountains of Tibble Fork Reservoir!

Life + Style Studio Sessions / Draper Utah

Studio Session
Studio Session
Studio Sessions
Studio Sessions

I love shooting in the studio, it’s located in Draper Utah and is perfect for lifestyle sessions! (Hence it’s name Life + Style Studio ;) ) If you’ve got a itty bitty human on your hands, you probably notice that they’re happier in the mornings and early afternoon. Which makes a studio session a good choice for them, as the natural light that flows in during that time of day is ideal! Shooting outdoors in the afternoon can have it’s challenges, which can be fun to play around with when you have cooperative adults. But babies have their own agenda and just letting them do their own thing often gets the best results.

Studio Sessions
Studio Sessions
Studio Sessions

It’s also helpful to have a space where they can sit and lay without the icky feeling of grass on their skin, or the distraction of rocks, twigs and all sorts of interesting things to observe (and chew on). With distractions at a minimum, and optimal lighting, we’re better equipped to just focus on each other and those tiny little features! To go along with being able to book studio sessions earlier in the day means more opportunity to shoot. My weekend evenings fill up very quickly, but when we’re able to book a studio session during the day, I’m more likely to be open for last minute sessions.

studio sessions
studio sessions
Studio sessions
studio sessions
studio sessions
studio sessions

Additionally, there’s no need to worry about the weather. There’s no concern If it’s extra windy, if the clouds look a little sinister, it’s been pouring all day or it’s chilly outside. The studio is a safe haven from all of that! Especially in the winter months, when you want to capture baby’s milestones but it’s just too cold out.
One thing to consider when booking a studio session is time constraint. Because studios tend to be used by several people, and rented by the hour, we’re required to stick to our allotted time frame and aren’t able to extend our session there.

studio session
studio session
studio session

What are your thoughts? Have you ever had a studio session, do you like them, why or why not? I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

studio session
studio session
studio session
studio session