What's a preset? Simply put, a preset is a predetermined edit for a photo.

The mobile versions can be used on an image in the free photo editing app Lightroom CC to give the photo a certain look or feel depending on the preset you choose. Mobile presets are an easy way to make your photos look professional, give them a pop, some style and keep your images looking cohesive all from your mobile device. Which is a game changer whether you are a photographer, brand, blogger, for your instagram aesthetic or just want your photos to look beautiful. 

Also available here for use on RAW images in Lightroom for professional photographers.

I've designed my presets to be bright and bold with muted highlights for a slightly dramatic feel. While they are a set of predetermined processes, you are able to make modifications to your liking as each image has different coloring and lighting situations. I recommend applying the preset of choice and then making white balance and exposure corrections as well as any other adjustments you desire.

Feel free to reach out for help on installation + use if you need it!

The ShaiLynn



Eye Candy

Grand Canyon




Sugar Cookie

Signature B+W