An Epic Elopement { Moab, UT }

If you’ve been following my work for a while, you probably remember that I shoot video for a few elopements every year with Pop Up I Do. This time we headed south for some red rock, and epic views for these vows! Terry + Gabby are both pilots, their boss headed to Moab for the Jeep Safari and they decided it would be a beautiful place to hitched.

Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film27.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film28.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film30.jpg

They were right! The morning before the ceremony, Marisa, Kayla (Kayla Bertagnolli Photography) & I drove up to scout the spot and to be sure of what time the sun would peak over the cliffs. It was absolutely magical and we were all stoked about how pretty everything was going to be! The next day we met up with the bride and groom around 5am. it was still very dark and you could see Gabby doing her makeup in the light from the vizor mirror in their jeep.

Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film33.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film35.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film37.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film34.jpg

She had always wanted to stay at Under Canvas, and thought it would be a perfect time for their special occasion. Apparently though, their tent didn’t have any mirrors , or electricity ! (I mean, it is a tent….even if it is a luxury one) So she had to do all of her primping in the car, even curling her hair. But when she emerged , she looked absolutely stunning!

Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film39.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film40.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film41.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film42.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film43.jpg

It was a very windy morning and a bit overcast, which didn’t give off the same golden affect as the previous morning. But still breathtakingly beautiful! Terry isn’t at all afraid of heights and kept freaking everyone out with his desire to be right on the edge. Well everyone except Gabby, I think she’s used to it.

Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film45.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film48.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film50.jpg

It was such a pleasure getting to capture this quiet and beautiful wedding and to meet these amazing people!
I don’t normally take too many photos when I’m hired for a film, but this was such an awesome location I couldn’t not sneak a few in! This was my very first visit to Moab, and I had such a great time taking in all of it’s magnificence!

Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film51.jpg
Moab Wedding: ShaiLynn photo + Film52.jpg

Best wishes to this happy couple! To book your wedding, elopement or whatever else you’d like to shoot, you can chat with me here. I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

An Anniversary Session / Antelope Island UT

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film76.jpg

Linzee is an extremely beautiful and talented photographer. We attended a newborn photography seminar together a while back and got to shoot a birth with her last year. I love building relationships with other creatives and supporting and celebrating each other’s successes! When she asked me about doing an anniversary session with her hubby for their 10 year anniversary I was so excited!! Most couples don’t get their photos taken together after their wedding day, and I thought it was such a great idea. Every couple deserves a good cuddle sesh in front of the camera to document their love!

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film73.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film74.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film72.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film71.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film78.jpg

She started our session by wishing me luck, as both she and Steven were “not photogenic at all!” But I wasn’t the least bit worried… I mean just look at them! I will give her credit that I may have culled a few more blinkers than usual, haha. I don’t make it out to Antelope Island very often and when we got there it was still pretty bright, so we scouted out a good spot where we could get some creamy light peeking out from behind the rocks. Hundreds of little gnats fluttered all around us as we made our way through the lush green grass. The birds were flying overhead, singing the prettiest melodies. It was unreal how beautiful everything was. There was really no way we could screw this up haha!

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film80.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film
Anniversary session

I’m in love with the dress she chose, it really popped against the rich colors of the landscape. I also love that they brought an outfit change, to create a more casual, fun look and add variety to the images.
As the sun began setting, the more flying creatures appeared. But we were having so much fun, and it was seriously magical in every direction that we just kept shooting!

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film82.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film83.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film85.jpg

We watched in awe as the golden light painted the countryside, and tinted the clouds with a pink and purple hues. Linz and Steven were so damn cute together, it was no secret that they are clearly still in love even 10 years after their honeymoon! Steven was so attentive and sweet with Linzee and you could tell how much she appreciates him.

Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film89.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film90.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film92.jpg
Anniversary Session: ShaiLynn photo + Film93.jpg

I haven’t had many couples sessions lately since i’ve been focusing on families and births, but it was really refreshing. I think I want to do more! So if you’re thinking about booking a couple session, the answer is YES you should, and you can book with me here!