Thank you so much for being here! 

My name is ShaiLynn, my intention with this blog is to inspire women to celebrate themselves and the beauty of their now. Whether it’s aiding in the decision to work with me in photography + videography. To develop your mindset or advance in personal growth together.

If I could do anything and failure wasn’t an option, it would be exactly this. To follow what sets my soul on fire. To believe in my power and spark the desire in others to do the same!

join me. what are you waiting for?

My whole life I’ve been drawn to artistry and wanting to be an uplifter. As a little girl I loved to dream, I just wanted to create pretty things (including little humans.) I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I did know that I wanted to be a mother.

I was introduced to heartbreak very early in life, as my Father began to struggle with addiction. He ultimately lost his life after several agonizing years of battling his dependence. A very short 6 months later, tragedy struck our home again when my older sister was killed in a car accident.
I have clung to the few photographs I have of them, but especially as the years have passed and the sound of their voices begin to fade from my memory, that I truly understand the importance of photographs and videos.

Becoming a Mom has me even more stoked about this art! Watching my babies grow, witnessing how quickly they bloom, and how the days seem to flash by, has emphasized my appreciation for the memory books and home videos that we have compiled! Looking back on our happy memories warms our hearts (Especially after they’ve tested my patience) I ‘m delighted to do what I love, and to be able to share that gift with others.

Pursuing my dream has been extremely rewarding. It has also come with its share of challenges, including a chronic illness (burnout is no joke) Throughout my experience of trying to find the balance between my career and my family life, I’ve taken away the significance of self-care and the undeniable power of mindset. Sharing that message in hopes of helping others has become very important to me.

Right now, I’m living in the beautiful mountains of Utah with my husband Brandon and our 4 children; Brooks, Paisley, Easton & Collins. Being my best self is my #1 priority, for me, & for them! Because words don’t teach, and showing them how to live a happy life is the greatest thing that I can give them. I’m continually striving to be fully present and appreciate every stage of our ever-evolving lives.

In my free time you can find me playing games and snuggling up with my family at home, or adventuring in the great outdoors. I truly appreciate your being here, your support means the world to me!