Lake Life Here We Come!

Every year in July we take a 10 day trip to the lake, and just booked our outing for 2019. You can only book 4 months to the day in advance and the RV spots are going quickly, so we know that it’s something that we have to plan for which gets us looking forward to it early on in the year!

lake Life Here We Come/ ShaiLynn Photo + Film
Lake Life Here We Come/ ShaiLynn Photo + Film

The kids love playing on the beach, making all kinds of things with the sand rocks and driftwood.
Jumping off the back of the boat to swim with the fishies. All the best boat activities, boarding, tubing, and soaking up the sun. We eat the yummiest camping food and treats and take a stroll around the park every eveing.

Lake Life Here We Come/ ShaiLynn Photo + Film
Lake Life Here We Come/ ShaiLynn Photo + Film

Paisley and Easton even learned to ride their bikes on these streets. The golden hour glows extra brightly or maybe that’s just my attention to the beauty that surrounds me when I’m here. We usually spot some wildlife before the sun sets. This place definitely has a special piece of our hearts!

Lake Life Here We Come/ ShaiLynn Photo + Film
Lake Life Here We Come/ ShaiLynn Photo + Film

We look forward to this vacation every year, but we’re extra excited this year because we got a new motorhome! Until now we had been spending our days in a 1981 Allegro covered in orange crushed velvet and wood panelling. We’ve loved all the memories we’ve made in that beast, but it was extremely unreliable (Like cross your finger and pray we make it up this hill type of reliable) With that in mind and our family not only growing in numbers, but taking up more space with their growing bodies, It was time for an upgrade.

I love going through photos of past trips, and reminiscing of all the fun memories we’ve already made. One of my favorite things to do is to take photos of all the fun that we’re having. My husband used to tell me to put the camera down and enjoy myself, but that IS what I enjoy. Obviously I don’t have my camera on me the entire time and I make it a point to be present and soak up the family time and the atmosphere, but I just love capturing it all as well!

We put all the photos from each of our trips into a look book (We’ve used Chatbooks, Shutterfly & Artifact Uprising) and the kids love flipping through them! It reminds them of all the fun we have together and helps them to keep their appreciation for that time in our lives active!

The kids also LOVE to watch the videos of our getaways. It’s like a little movie where they get to be the star!
I love our films because they remind me of things like finger dimples, thigh rolls, belly laughs and itty bitty voices. All the things that change as they get bigger. I will continually cherish where we are right now, but I treasure being able to look back on where we’ve been! I need to catch up on editing our more recent films.

Of coarse I went picture crazy for Collins first year at the lake. She is definitely a water baby and just like her siblings she is obsessed with digging in the sand! We are so excited to see how things go this year in our new home on wheels!