What to Expect, When Expecting a Birth Story

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You’re entertaining the idea of documenting the birth of your child. This is such a momentous time in your life and is literally the beginning of a brand new life, it most definitely an occasion deserving preservation! Birth stories are some of my very favorite things to capture, every one is a uniquely beautiful and indescribable experience.

No matter how you felt through out your labor and delivery, Imagine re-living only the best parts! That flood of emotion after seeing your baby’s face for the first time, taking you back to the feeling of their delicate newborn skin upon yours. The sound of their sonorous cry as they take those initial breaths.

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Sounds amazing! But there are so many variables and every pregnancy and occasion is different. Even planned inductions can be wildly unpredictable! knowing what to expect is nearly impossible, but luckily I can give you an idea of what to expect from me as your photographer/ videographer.

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We will set up a consultation either in person or on the phone to make sure we’re on the same page, and answer any questions you have. Even though it’s often irrelevant in this field, I like to get some insight in hopes that it’s helpful in my preparation. Things like is this your first child, if not, how were your previous deliveries. Do you have a birth plan, are you wanting to go unmedicated or will you be getting an epidural? Are there any special circumstances , or family concerns that I should be aware of. Who will be in the delivery room and what is your vision for how the day will unfold. Will you be wanting a follow up or fresh 48 session for your older children to be there or will they be present during the delivery

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I normally try to play an observant role in my documentation, but if I see something that I think you would love I might stage a few things to aid in the storytelling. I am not one to be up in your business at that moment of truth, but I’m not opposed to getting in there. If you’re wanting something a bit more raw, I’m not afraid of delivering that (no pun intended) I’ve seen my fair share of tits and jay, and I’m unfazed. At this point I’m almost as comfortable with it as your nurses, and OB. To me It ain’t no thing, it’s just part of my job and I would not share any of it without your consent!

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I will be on call 24/7 for the weeks surrounding your due date. We will want to be in contact about your progress and you care providers thoughts on how things are going. If you go into early labor I will do everything in my power to be there. I also have backup photo/videographers that I can call on if I am unable to get there. You will want to inform me as soon as possible once it’s go time. When you are in active labor and at least half way dilated, I will head over and capture the unfolding of this magnificent life event! I normally stay and shoot for another hour 1/2 after baby arrives.

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Post processing can last 4-6 weeks as finding the perfect song for a film can be time consuming. I will send you some sneak peeks to tide you over until then, and your photo gallery will be delivered within 2 weeks. You will receive a downloadable link to your song length film (3-6 minutes) and around 100+ images with basic edits delivered in a private online gallery. Be sure to save the files in a couple different places for safe keeping.

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If you’re wanting a tangible keepsake, I do offer professional printing services. Although you are free to use the service of your choosing print, canvas and album orders through me come with hand retouching and color match calibration with my printers to ensure the best possible quality. This is such a tremendous occasion and I am absolutely delighted, and obsessively grateful to be trusted with capturing it for you!