A Fresh 48 Session /Meeting Baby Grey

I had the pleasure of shooting Aleisha and Tyler’s first look video for their wedding alongside the amazingly talented Jessica Janae. Now I got to capture another first look of sorts when their stunner of a daughter Aria met her new baby brother Grey. It was the absolute sweetest! She was beyond delighted, the look on her face was priceless. In her sweet little voice kept saying to him “ I’m your sister” and telling him stories, it was absolutely darling!

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When his tiny hat came off I was amazed by the amount of hair this tiny bad had on his head, it took his daddy quite a bit of time to get it all washed out during his first bath. It was fun to see it get all sudsy, while big sister Aria peered lovingly at him through the nursery window.

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Fresh 48 sessions are so precious, and the perfect addition to a birth story. Maybe you chose not to do a birth story or baby came too quickly but you want to preserve baby’s first few days of life. I enjoy shooting them because it gives Mom and Dad a chance to freshen up and settle in with their new babe. It’s also adds the convenience of being able to select a preferable time when lighting conditions would be ideal.

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it’s fun to watch how the siblings and other family members react to meeting this new mini person. I love getting all the newborn features, and just capturing all of the emotions that surround such a momentous time. The atmosphere during these sessions is always so tender and filled with sentiment!

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Another advantage of doing these fresh 48 sessions is the ability to plan ahead. You never know when you’re going to go into labor, but with this type of shoot you have a better handle on how you want things to go and have more control. We can capture baby’s first bath, meeting family members for the first time or simply focus on the connection between mom, dad and their newborn.

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The first few day after having a baby are usually a blur. You’re probably still in a bit of pain and there’s usually a flood of visitors flowing in and out of your room all day. You‘ve waited several months (long ones at that) to meet this little person, and they change so much within those first few weeks, even the first few days and hours they seem to transform right before your eyes! Fresh 48 sessions allow you to put your cell phone down and be present as a family. Also, let’s be honest…cell phone’s just don’t cut it when it comes to these important moments!

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If you are interested in booking a Fresh 48, head over to the Scheduling page or send me an email at shailynnphotoandfilm@gmail.com. Due to the on-call nature of these sessions, I only take a limited number each month, so get on my schedule as soon as you’re ready to book!