A Mountaintop Elopement / Tibble Fork Reservoir

Last week I had the opportunity to capture this gorgeous mountaintop elopement with Pop Up I Do. They created this company to provide intimate, destination style wedding ceremonies that focus on the most important part of getting married… You and your soon to be spouse. Everything else is taken care of. Marisa is an ordained minister and florist, Alysia is their regular photographer and I normally cover their videography needs.

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Mountaintop elopement: ShaiLynn photo + Film40.jpg
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Plan your wedding with ease. Imagine the most beautiful and private location, a lovely bouquet/boutonnière, a short and sweet ceremony, a dessert + bubbly setting for a stress free celebration all prepared for you. All you have to do is pick a date and show up ready to say I do. Get married surrounded by some of the most impressive scenery Utah has to offer, and have it documented by a phenomenal visual media team.

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Mountaintop Elopement / ShaiLynn Photo + Film
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They’re able to set up a humble gathering for your closet friends and family, or cater to you and your significant other alone. Arrange to have a delicate altar set up, or opt for the awe inspiring natural backdrop of the location. If you’re looking to elope, It’s a brilliant way to start your life together!

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Michael + Andy flew in from out of town, they’d actually never been to Utah before. When they arrived to the scene at Tibble Fork Reservoir they were in a state of amazement. As they breathed in the crisp mountain air amid the tall pines and gazed at the snow capped peaks that could be seen in every direction. It was like something out of a dream.

Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film58.jpg
Pop Up I Do: ShaiLynn photo + Film59.jpg

They exchanged vows, rings and a kiss, then toasted to their new life together and nibbled on some delectable gourmet pastries. Afterwards they drove down the winding scenic road out of the canyon to their dinner reservations. In the morning they began their honeymoon, taking in the sights of Capitol Reef. Congrats and best wishes to them and a huge thanks for letting us share in their elopement atop the mountains of Tibble Fork Reservoir!